Promotions offered by Fafa191bet on deposits

If you are aware of the casino words or are a user of online portals which provide a platform for slot games and gambling then you must know the importance of the Promotions offered by them. Offering promotions to the user is the key strategy to attract the peoples to play the slots for the portals. All of the portals provide various types of promotions to attract people, and Fafa191bet is one of them that offers a lot of promotions to its user. Some of the people are attracted only by these promotions. In this article, we will cover the promotions offered on the deposit done by the users, if you want to check the portal here is the link to แจกเครดิตฟรี. Now, below are the details of the promotions.

Deposit 300 and get Free 50 – turn Over 2x

In this promotion, a user gets a maximum bonus of 50 baht for every deposit of 300 baht so in total you will get 700 baht. 300 deposit plus 50 bonus into 2 times. This bonus does not apply to Lottery tickets and shooting games.

Free 300 on Deposit of 100

This promotion is only provided to the new user and it can only be used in the sports category. Only Regular bank transfer is accepted for this offer and you need to use this promotion 10 times before you can withdraw the money.

50% welcome bonus

All the users of Fafa191bet can use this promotion. This promotion is applicable for the first payment only user gets 50% of their deposit amount and that is turned over 20 times as well. So you will get 15000 Baht if you deposit 500. Terms and conditions are the same as the first one it can’t be used on Lottery tickets and fish shooting games.

Get free 100 for 500 deposit  turn over 5 times

This promotion is available for all users. A minimum deposit of 500 baht is required and a maximum of 100 is provided. This promotion can only be used one time per day. You get 3000 baht for every deposit of 500 per day. This one is also not applicable to Lotteries and fish shooting games.

A bonus of 5% and can be turnover 3 times

This promotion can be claimed on every deposit you do. The minimum deposit amount required for the promotion is 300 baht all the users can get this promotion. It provides 1575 baht on every deposit of 500. This way you deposit 500 and get 25 as a bonus and multiplied by 3. The terms of fish shooting and Lotteries not eligible apply to this promotion as well.

The bonus of 3% and turned over 2 times

The maximum deposit you can do for this promotion is 8000  and the minimum required deposit is 300 baht. It is available for all users and can also be claimed on every payment. You can get up to 918 baht for every deposit of 300 baht. Lottery tickets and fish shooting games are not eligible for the promotion.

I hope you will like these promotions here is the link to แจกเครดิตฟรี you can check the promotion and enjoy your gaming experience.

September 2021