Strategies for betting and how to calculate

To win a multiple, the bettor must be able to guess the prediction of all the events he inserts: consequently the odds of winning decrease exponentially. The system, on the other hand, makes it possible to overcome this problem and guarantees an economic return even with a margin of error . However, the investment increases proportionally to the number of predictions that you intend to play lập tài khoản cá độ bóng đá qua mạng.

The odds calculator: fundamental tool for playing systems

A few paragraphs ago we mentioned the importance of calculating the possible profit margins for each combination and each possible result that our system presents. This serves to predict, for example, with how many games you guess to be able to make margin with respect to the initial investment and therefore also to understand how to divide our investment on the different columns of the bet.

To carry out this operation, however, we need a very important tool, the so-called odds calculator , which the English, who are its inventors, call the odds calculator. After entering the odds of the events we are going to play and the stake we want to assign to each column in the appropriate fields, we will be able to calculate the return and net gain taking into account all the variables that arise from the possible results.

Systemic betting strategies

Browsing the net looking for information and advice on how to play systems, it is easy to come across descriptions of strategies to win bets that require a certain systematicity to be successful. Even if when bookmakers talk about sports betting systems they mean the ones we have described and explained so far, we still considered it important to report here the most important strategies that we can follow to win bets following precise patterns.

Types of football bets

In addition to the bet on the outcome of the match, which is also the simplest one, there are many other types of bets that we see below.

Double Chance

Double Chance betting is another very popular way to bet on two different outcomes in a single game. This gives you the opportunity to bet on a draw and a win at the same time. It occurs the excellent bet for performers who like to play with small danger. The payout is poorer than different kinds of wagers, but the probability of gaining are extensively higher. Let’s take a practical example.

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