These are the Online Casino Games that you can play in 2019

As mentioned the world of online casino games is so vast and diverse these days we can’t imagine not finding a game to your liking.

Online casino games truly run the gamut from the absolute classic casino staples (like 3-reel slots) to the most futuristic, “how did they even think of that” casino extravaganzas.

Whatever your taste there’s a casino game you’ll likely be drawn to for repeated visits – and plenty of new, intriguing concepts that will pull you in their direction equally fast.

Here’s a look at just a few of the tried-and-true online casino classics and the variations you can find online.

Blackjack Online

An all-time casino classic and for good reason. With proper Blackjack strategy you can reduce the house edge to just 1-2% which makes it one of the safest bets for having your money returned to you by the end of the night (or day).

online casino blackjack

Minimum bets at Blackjack tables are also typically very reasonable ($5 or less in most cases) meaning you can belly up to a blackjack table online and have a multi-hour session more often than not.

Blackjack is a game that lends itself well to fastidious, methodical players who can memorize the Blackjack play chart and follow it to the letter. Stick to the perfect mathematical strategy and there’a very good chance you’ll walk away with a profit.

Playing blackjack online also makes it very easy to keep a Blackjack strategy chart handy so you can make the right move in every situation.

If you want to move up to the fancier levels of Blackjack strategy – card counting, Progressive betting strategies, etc – online Blackjack games are also a good training ground.

Nowadays there are also dozens of Blackjack variations you can find online including Atlantic City BlackjackSpanish 21Blackjack SurrenderPontoonBlackjack SwitchPerfect PairsSuper 7and more. Make sure you’re aware which variation you’re playing and how that affects your draw options and payouts.

If you like a real, live human being to deal out your Blackjack cards from the shoe you can find that, too, with dozens of great casinos now offering live dealers you can stream right on your computer. You can even interact with the other virtual players at the table!

Online Roulette

Yet another casino classic, online roulette loses none of its thrill and drama when you play it at home instead of at the casino.

online casino roulette

It’s still a spinning ball slowly finding its fate, still a chance to win a huge jackpot and still a chance to let the wheel decide your future. Pick a favorite number or numbers or pick a colour … either way online roulette delivers the same rush as it does live.

For those who do love it live you can, of course, also play with a live roulette host and roulette wheel via live stream now. You can also find all your favorite Roulette variations right at your fingertips including European RouletteAmerican Roulette3D RouletteFrench RoulettePremium RouletteMini Roulette and more.

IF you like your casino games simplified with even better odds and easier decisions, Mini Roulette – an online casino special – might be your thing with just one zero and only the numbers 1-12 to pick from.

Learn more about the different types of Roulette, optimal strategy for each variation and how to make the best bets on our Online Roulette page:

Slots Online

The holy grail of online casinos might still be slot machines with an unlimited array of slots now offered online.

online casino slots

Modern technology has brought the simple 3-real slot to magical heights with movie clips and 3D animation, hundreds of paylines and miniscule bets now standard options at virtually every online casino.

The variation in slots online these days is legitimately eye-popping with everyone from your favorite Marvel characters to jockey Frankie Detorri to Captain Jack Sparrow guiding and entertaining you through your button-pressing quests.

Slots tournaments are also a nice new twist on things and you can find more than your fair share of them online alongside astronomical progressive slots jackpots on virtually every site or network.

It’s a slots lovers paradise out there and it’s only up to you to go digging through the best online casinos at your leisure to find them. There’s plenty of assistance to guide you through the vast online slots universe over on our Slots Online page:

Craps Online

online casino craps

More of a dice player? Get your virtual throwing hand warmed up as you can find more dice-throwing opportunities at online casinos than ever before.

Craps, as any online casino vet understands, is a true gambling game with the roll of the dice as random as any casino game can provide.

The craps table is also one of the more complicated looking casino games out there with dozens of betting boxes on the table to drop your chips in.

That said, though, there are better bets than others and we can help guide you to the best decisions to make at a craps table online.

Learn how to play craps online with our easy-to-understand betting guide and learn how to win at craps with our strategy tips.

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